Create the design, send it to the 3D printer and wait for well….. a few hours and there you’ll have it in 3D form. How easy is this manufacturing malarkey really getting. Want a car engine, 3D print it, want parts of a life saving machine, yes you can 3D print that also. This process has definitely saved a few lives in Italy as the Coronavirus strikes and supplies are low and slow. 

3D printing is being used in Italy, one of the countries who have been hit the hardest with the virus. The production of valves for reanimation devices has been produced in a city near Brescia. Founder of the Isinnova Crisitian Fracassi left no time to waste and created the valves after responding to the call out regarding the shortage in nearby hospitals. 

Could 3D printing be the industry’s fast reacting practice?

Belgium has also seen the development of a 3D printed door opener. A company based in Belgium who has designed the item which can easily be attached to your door. Sounds crazy right, but this opener could ‘potentially’ lower the risk of the virus spreading, as you would use your forearm to open the door, removing physical contact with the handle. 

Did you know that your hands spread bacteria easily? Coronavirus alone can stay on surfaces for a minimum of 24 hours making it easily spread. On this note we think the door handle design would be good to have in the ECMS office. 

Call For Help

The government also calls on help from manufacturers, as there’s a shortage of ventilators. They ask that UK ventilator manufacturers come forward in order to produce masses of the item, in order to combat the coronavirus and treat patients. 

Call the helpline 0300 456 3565 to discuss further.