CALMERIC (Composites & Additive Layer Materials Engineering Research & Innovation Centre)


CALMERIC is a specialist project being run by the University of Wolverhampton’s School of Engineering targeting small to medium sized enterprises in Staffordshire and Shropshire.

CALMERIC works in collaboration with companies that don’t presently have full in-house capability to develop advanced components manufactured using composite or additive layer technologies. Research Collaborations typically involve high level design and engineering analysis, prototyping, testing and material or microstructure analysis.

Since the projects start in 2019 the project has invested over £100k worth of high spec equipment including a Compression Moulding Machine, a Non Destructive Testing Machine and an ANSYS High Spec Simulation Machine all which will support businesses with research and innovation projects in the field of advanced engineering materials.

The project tender activities continue for a further two items of capital equipment to further boost the testing for the project i.e.: Fatigue Testing Rig and CT Scanner Frame. It is hoped these will be concluded in the next few months.


The project has invested in three PhD Research Graduates who will work with specialist academics alongside the businesses and support the progression of the research collaborations.

To date the project has received over 50 enquiries, we are currently working with 6 beneficiaries with another 6 in the pipeline for the next quarter. These are excellent companies who fall commendably within the Calmeric sectors, the project is progressing 4 of these companies further into Research Collaborations this year.

The Calmeric project would look to develop your existing product through either simulation techniques (FEA), light weighting or structural improvement using Composites, or the innovative use of Additive Layer Manufacturing technologies.


If you have a suitable project, we are able to give you an initial 2 days of support, after which and depending on project depth, your chosen project could progress into a research collaboration.

Just too briefly outline that this project does not cover for any product design or conceptual engineering development. Your product should already be designed or in the end stages of development and well defined.



The CALMERIC project will run until December 2021. Any business in Shropshire or Staffordshire interested in collaborating should contact:

Telephone: 01902 323298

Twitter: CALMERIC2