With a huge percentage of goods manufactured abroad could COVID-19 restore the UK industry with more businesses demanding for UK manufacturers?


In a time where the country goes into a breakdown, manufacturers are urged to help the NHS with the manufacturing of ventilators and protective equipment. Calling for demand in the industry, this is also keeping the companies running whilst the production of other goods have come to a halt.


The government have urged companies to produce ventilators in excess of 10,000 units to keep up with the vicious virus, leaving companies with HUGE jobs on hand.

The countries most innovative companies are collaborating to create effective solutions to help millions survive the Corona Crisis, showcasing the industries skills.

Car manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Vauxhall and Rolls Royce are just a few of those who have swapped the production of cars with ventilators as they begin to produce the equipment.


Hard times also show the unity and it sure does in the industry with companies supporting the development of much needed equipment to combat the COVID-19 virus. Not only a supportive bunch but the challenge of adapting and providing such equipment in a short time shows how fast the industry reacts, as some of the companies developing the goods do not operate in the medical sector.


Duncan Brock, group director at the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, commented that the UK Manufacturers have “Difficulties obtaining raw materials, shipping delays and closed borders had led to the sharpest contraction in orders since 2012 and supply chains “crumbling”, as to why the industry has been knocked ‘sideways’.

With this comment in mind, the industry will be hoping after COVID-19 that more companies see the effectiveness of using a UK based manufacturer rather than sourcing from overseas, after showcasing the skill sets and the developments created to fight against the virus.


Could this time also highlight the importance of the industry and potentially increase the number of people wanting a career in the industry?


A huge thanks to everyone helping the NHS and those companies doing their bit to fight against COVID-19.

A small token of appreciation for a few companies in the local area who are supporting the fight. Let’s not forget the bravery and hard work from the medical students at the University of Wolverhampton who are currently working on the hospital wards, Thank You!


Protolabs is manufacturing ventilator masks

Persimmon Homes West Midlands donates facemasks and hand sanitizer.

A Cut In Time donating caps, gloves and aprons to care workers

Body Shop At Home has been donating products to NHS staff

FoSun owner of Wolverhampton Football Club have donated 2,300 pieces of medical protection clothing

Zero Point 8 Interiors and furniture for hospitals and temporary/permanent facilities