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Improving Inventory Management in Manufacturing

Effective and efficient stock management can substantially improve your manufacturing performance by helping to maintain high customer service levels and reduce costs. But reinforcing inventory management is not just a one-off project. Instead, it is a continuous requirement.   How to Identify Areas of Opportunity Naturally, different types of...

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The Manufacturers After Effects

The height of the pandemic has passed and the UK begins to resume back to the new ‘normal’ but that’s not without a few tweaks being made to the future way of working. The beginning of the month saw the return to work for many industries as the changes...

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Manufacturers Confidence Builder or Breaker?

The UK begins to restore business but has COVID19 caused professionals to lack in confidence? LinkedIn Workforce Research conducted a survey on how confident UK professionals are in each industry in the following three core areas; Job security Financial wellbeing Career outlook The manufacturing industry was slightly down in...

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CALMERIC And It’s Support For Manufacturers

CALMERIC (Composites & Additive Layer Materials Engineering Research & Innovation Centre)   CALMERIC is a specialist project being run by the University of Wolverhampton’s School of Engineering targeting small to medium sized enterprises in Staffordshire and Shropshire. CALMERIC works in collaboration with companies that don’t presently have full in-house...

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Manufacturers Preparation For A Return Back To Work

The end is in sight as more businesses slowly return to work. Coronavirus has been a pain for most businesses, having to furlough, and redundancy, etc the list goes on. Not forgetting the shifts in needs and wants of consumers being unstable. As we return to work there is...

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Meet The Team – Victoria Millard

Meet Victoria Millard (Vicky), if you go to the ECMS Hub at Springfield Campus no doubt you will have met Vicky, ECMS Administrator. What were you doing before ECMS? I used to be a Laboratory Technician testing samples of asbestos.   How long have you been working for ECMS?...

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Overview of Lean Manufacturing

During my career in engineering, one aspect that interested me was ‘Lean Manufacturing’ yet I was quite surprised by how many foundries and businesses are unaware of this method of working.   In any manufacturing business, two of the most expensive and most common types of problems have to...

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Importing and Exporting Changes

Importing and exporting regulations will be rewritten, as the UK continues to figure out the survival plan after we scrap the EU rule book. This will be the first time in over 40 years that the regulations and tariffs will be changed with one country in mind, the UK...

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Keeping the Manufacturing Supply Chain Flowing

In times where the country goes into uncertainty, it can hit hard on all industries, and just like the domino effect it will hit your supply chain. In this article there are four ways to support the effective flow of your supply chain using the 4R’s. Also remember that...

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Working From Home? You Might Need This Motivation

For most people this current period will be the first in which they have had to work from home, being used to the office environment, working from home can be a struggle from some.   Remember the time you used to moan about getting up and going to work,...

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