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Importing and Exporting Changes

Importing and exporting regulations will be rewritten, as the UK continues to figure out the survival plan after we scrap the EU rule book. This will be the first time in over 40 years that the regulations and tariffs will be changed with one country in mind, the UK...

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Keeping the Manufacturing Supply Chain Flowing

In times where the country goes into uncertainty, it can hit hard on all industries, and just like the domino effect it will hit your supply chain. In this article there are four ways to support the effective flow of your supply chain using the 4R’s. Also remember that...

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Working From Home? You Might Need This Motivation

For most people this current period will be the first in which they have had to work from home, being used to the office environment, working from home can be a struggle from some.   Remember the time you used to moan about getting up and going to work,...

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Continuous Improvement Tools and Techniques

Continuous improvement tools and techniques are a powerful resource in the lean manufacturing implementation programme. Using and Leveraging the right one can lead to improved productivity, less waste, reduced costs and errors, and greater profitability overall. There are many different continuous improvement models that can help a business reach...

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University of Wolverhampton & ECMS Training Associate Help Fight COVID19 with PPE for NHS

The University of Wolverhampton’s School of Engineering and School of Pharmacy are manufacturing face-shields and hand & surface sanitiser to be donated to front-line care workers who are desperately short of PPE. ECMS is proud to share the fantastic support our Training Associate Imagine Training is giving, not just...

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Meet The Team – Colin Whorton

Meet Colin Whorton, if you go to the ECMS National Foundry Training Centre your sure to see Colin around. What were you doing before ECMS? I worked as pattern shop manager at Thomas Dudley for 4 years, this included a year of managing the New Production Introductions (NPI). I’ve...

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Can COVID19 Restore the Industry?

With a huge percentage of goods manufactured abroad could COVID-19 restore the UK industry with more businesses demanding for UK manufacturers?   In a time where the country goes into a breakdown, manufacturers are urged to help the NHS with the manufacturing of ventilators and protective equipment. Calling for...

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Meet The Team – Rebecca Macdonald

Meet Rebecca Macdonald, the first member of the ECMS team to be interviewed. What were you doing before ECMS? As well as the Project Director for ECMS I am also Associate Dean for Business Engagement for our Faculty of Science and Engineering. It’s a busy job working across Apprenticeships,...

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Taking Your Training Online

Currently, there is a seismic shift happening where everyone in business is working flat out to protect and defend their business and there has never been a better time for training providers to provide their customers with support by offering digital learning. Most customers have rapidly had to shift...

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PROCESS MAPPING: The Steps in Creating a Value Stream Map

Creating a Value Stream Map for Manufacturers A value stream map is best completed by a small (usually less than 8 people) Multi-functional team that represents the key functions involved in the end-to-end flow. In a manufacturing flow, a value stream map team would normally involve Manufacturing operations, production...

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