ECMS Partner Cast Metals Federation plans for the future in a recent meeting with their newest appointed chairman.

Future Plans for CMF

At the recent CMF AGM Stuart Gregory, MD of Petrofer UK, was approved as the CMF Chairman for the coming year.  During the meeting he outlined the plans that the Federation has for supporting members and the wider UK casting and foundry industry through its programme of leadership & management courses, as well as a new programme of blended learning for the high pressure diecasting sector, due to launch early in 2021.  The Federation is also supporting work being led by the University of Birmingham to explore use of some of the bi-products of the process, including used foundry sand, extraction dusts and investment casting refractory shell.


Pam Murrell CMF CEO said, “We recognise that the industry is already an important part of the circular economy for metals, but there are opportunities to reduce our environmental impacts through greater resource efficiencies.  We are keen to play our role in the drive to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.  At the same time we are working to ensure that the industry is able to support the greater focus on resilient, local supply chains for the growing sectors which include electrically powered & hybrid vehicles, renewable energy and UK infrastructure, something that the government has recognised is vital for the UK. There are some great opportunities for some reshoring of our manufacturing as part of the levelling up agenda.”


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