October Microsoft Updates

Microsoft Office 365 is forever changing and a tool that every business will put to use. So our Training Associate and Microsoft Guru Imagine Training has outlined a few of the most recent, useful updates in Office 365.

The updates are coming along fast at the moment, and it can be hard to keep up! Let’s summarise some of the new.


Firstly, Outlook has a new feature that you can pin your emails to the top of your Inbox. It’s already rolled out in the web app and Imagine Training loves it! You can watch the ‘how to’ video over at Imagine Training

Outlook is also going to have ‘predictive text’ for emails. Let’s hope it’s better than the mobile version, where it’s a must to ensure the messages are read before pressing send!


Word has a really useful feature Editor, which Imagine Training use regularly. It suggests different (better) ways to write the piece and gives the document a spell-check as well as the grammar suggestions.

Everyone enjoy taking a break from typing as much as the next person, with the ‘Dictate’ button on the Word toolbar, users can allow the computer to do the typing for you. It’s pretty accurate and it gives your fingers a rest! You can also dictate in a number of different languages, which may be helpful to you. 


Excel, also allows you to replace all your old VLOOKUP functions with the new XLOOKUP. This is pretty useful for delivering data from one cell to another and keeping that up to date. The new formula is one of many that Imagine Training teach, and feedback from delegates is that it is more flexible than the old VLOOKUP, as you can add or delete columns without breaking the formula.

For anyone who uses a lot of data, you can now import data into Excel from a PDF document. Yes! That’s right, Excel can interpret the text and numbers and bring them into your calculations and I’ll be doing a video to show how this works soon, so keep an eye on Imagine Training posts on the website or on LinkedIn.


If you use PowerPoint, you may have came across the Morph transition, which is a way of moving from one slide to another and it’s a brilliant transition to use in your PowerPoint.


In Teams the new Together mode is great for meetings, giving you all attendees the same look as if everyone we’re all working from the same office. Sets the tone whether you’re working from the office, or home and transports the team into a conference room to make it look like everyone is sitting together. 

You can also record your Teams meetings, allowing you to check back on what was said, but coming later this year, they’ll be recaps with the meeting recording, transcript, chat, shared files and more automatically shared in the meeting Chat tab and viewable in the Details tab for each meeting. The recap will also be available in the meeting event in your Outlook calendar.


Whatever you’re using Office 365 to do in your job, training to use more of these great features is essential, not optional these days, as we strive to become more efficient and work smarter with less resources.

Imagine Training is now delivering all training via Live Online sessions, which are available wherever you are working with a good internet signal and an internet browser. The last few months has also seen Karen Turner of Imagine Training, train people not just across the Midlands, but from France, Germany, USA, South Africa and Peru!

We’ve all had to get our technical skills brushed up fast this year, so if you need any assistance visit Imagine Training.