Meet Rebecca Macdonald, the first member of the ECMS team to be interviewed.

What were you doing before ECMS?

As well as the Project Director for ECMS I am also Associate Dean for Business Engagement for our Faculty of Science and Engineering. It’s a busy job working across Apprenticeships, Transnational Education, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and all of the faculties ten ERDF and LEP funded business facing projects.


How long have you been working for ECMS?

I have been Project Director since last July.


What’s the most enjoyable part of your role?

It’s been full on since joining ECMS, with lots of challenges and even more successes and it’s been great working with the ECMS Team to achieve those successes. All of the ECMS partners and Training Associates have been great and really engaged in the vision of ECMS, so I would say the best bit has been all the great people who have contributed to the successes we have accomplished.


Do you have any hobbies, if so what are they?

I enjoy running and run a few times a week, great way to distress and I love re-purposing and up-cycling old furniture in fact all of the furniture in my house has been brought second hand and up-cycled by me.


What’s are 2 things on the top of your bucket list?

To be on TV, I have applied to so many game shows you wouldn’t believe, and never managed to be successful in getting on any of them. Second is to meet a Lion, I’m a Leo, to be able to get up close and touch a Lion would be amazing and an experience I would never forget.


How good are the teams tea and coffee making out of 5?

(1 being very poor and 5 being hot drink extraordinaires)

I have no complaints here, I think a 5 for all.


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