As you all or maybe most of you will be aware that metallurgy looks into the physical and chemical behaviour of a metallic element, and without equipment such as metallurgical microscopes it wouldn’t be possible to see what doesn’t meet the naked eye.

Here at Elite Centre of Manufacturing Skills (ECMS) we understand how important it is for our National Foundry Centre and labs in the Springfield Hub to be updated with the specialist equipment needed to complete the job. With this in mind we have invested in not one but two metallurgical microscopes for the use of apprentices and employers who hire out our facilities.







Above shows the microscope we currently have at ECMS and the after image is the new state of the art microscope which will be landing in our lab very soon. The microscope boasts a 5 megapixel colour camera, giving you some fantastic views of your metal analysis.

Benefits of the new inverted microscope:

  • World-class UIS2 optics
  • Wavefront aberration control
  • Natural colour reproduction
  • Spot-flare removal

What do you really see at the other end of the microscope? Here’s an image showcasing the variety of graphite structures within a metal placed under the microscope.

Not only are we enhancing the lab with microscopes we are also adding two new polishing and etching capabilities before the end of March 2020.

The polishing and etching machine will reveal microstructural elements that otherwise isn’t seen before the element is polished, later showcasing the grain size, distribution of phases, inclusion plus more properties.  Additionally, polishing shows you the nodularity within your specimen whilst etching looks further into this showing pearlite/ ferrite ratio.

Our labs will be available to hire from Spring 2020. If you are interested please send your enquiries to Victoria Millard on Tel: 01902 321678 or email