During my career in engineering, one aspect that interested me was ‘Lean Manufacturing’ yet I was quite surprised by how many foundries and businesses are unaware of this method of working.


In any manufacturing business, two of the most expensive and most common types of problems have to do with efficiency and product or environmental wastage.


Without a proper system in place, businesses are experiencing the negative effects of wasting many products that could’ve otherwise been better utilised. To combat this problem, businesses can follow through the process of lean manufacturing.


Lean manufacturing is also referred to as “lean production.” This is the process of minimising waste in the manufacturing aspect of the business, which, in turn, maximises productivity. The less waste that you produce, the better you contribute towards the environment’s health and the company as a whole. This is what led businesses to go for the concept of “lean manufacturing.”


That said, here are some of the benefits that you can gain from implementing lean manufacturing in your business:

· You Can Aim For Better Product Quality

· Your Employees’ Satisfaction Increases

· Your Customer Service Improves

· Your Lead Time Improves

· You’re Reducing Waste Products



Competition in the manufacturing and production industry is quite tough nowadays in this economic crisis we find ourselves in. For you to stay in the competition, foundries need to evolve their practices. By incorporating lean manufacturing in your company, you’re more efficient with your waste.


Following the principle of Toyota, you focus only on having stock of your actual needs. With this management and production practices, you’re better, in general, as a corporation.

‘Work smarter – not quicker ‘


Colin Whorton – ECMS Foundry Instuctor.