Smart Concept Fund Dissemination Event


On 19th February 2020 the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Hub at the Springfield Campus was thriving with more life as businesses joined us for Smart Concepts Dissemination event.

Smart Concept Fund is an EFS/ERDF funded project offering a Proof of Concept (PoC) grant designed to support the commercialisation of new technologies. Applicants for the fund can receive up to £30,000 to support a product development project.

The dissemination event involved all companies that have benefitted from the Smart Concept funding, showcasing their amazing business.

The day started with 20 minutes of networking and refreshments, which then lead into the talks throughout the late morning. Starting with project achievements it was fantastic to see how the project has helped so many companies. The afternoon then included talks from project successes; Data Developments, Treasured Times, PyroGenesys, and finally a talk from ECMS development manager Trevor Codner.

Trevor commented “ ECMS was happy to host the event, the work of the Smart Concept project was very impressive and all the companies involved where extremely complementary of the support they had received. This demonstrated not only the achievements of the project’s outcomes but the development of employer engagement activity delivered through the University of Wolverhampton.”

Throughout the whole day, knowledge was shared and a celebration of the Smart Concept Fund was in full swing.

Data Developments

Whilst at the Smart Concept Fund Dissemination event present was data developments a local software company located over at the University of Wolverhampton’s Science Park. The local Wolverhampton business is another business that is investing in contactless software terminals. Back in 2017 they began to work on the contactless systems that they now sell today.

Currently, data developments systems are now used in an estimated 7000 churches and charities across the whole of the UK.

Browsing through LinkedIn and one post caught my eye. It was a post about a new contactless machine installed in cities for the public to make donations to the homeless with one tap of their card. With 8,855 people sleeping rough in London alone in 2018/19, this figure increasing from previous years shows that support is needed.

Now, this idea of ‘the homeless will be soon carrying card machines’ has been made into a more efficient way whereby passers-by can donate £3 just by a single tap. The London scheme is called TAP just what is wanted for you to tap your card onto the contactless machine.

With contactless devices becoming more and more used in our everyday life is this the brother/sister of AI which is becoming very much used in a lot of manufacturing and engineering organisations? Leave your thoughts in the comments below how you think both areas AI and Contactless devices link.

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