Currently, there is a seismic shift happening where everyone in business is working flat out to protect and defend their business and there has never been a better time for training providers to provide their customers with support by offering digital learning.

Most customers have rapidly had to shift to excluding visitors and changing all meetings to online. Training providers have a wealth of choices about which platform to use and those who have not had years of experience in delivering their training online may be feeling a little out of their depth.

As most employees are now working from home, an increase in virtual session to continue communication, this is simply a matter of clicking the link to join a meeting on platforms such as Zoom and

There are also options for meetings being hosted online via Webex platform with features like ‘inattention monitor’ so that trainers can see if anyone is not watching.

These are just two of the ways that businesses are continuing to function whilst employees work from home. Not only are live videos, available to add to your business communication strategy but also live chats over Microsoft Teams.

Allowing your team to ‘chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are.’

With the world events moving forward at a fast pace, many of our organisations are asking their staff to work from home. Staying in touch and working as a team is essential for business continuity.

If you are moving your training online, there are many ways you could create online learning. Two ways in which your business could continue to provide companies with training include:

  1. Short Videos (On demand learning)
  2. Live video/ Webinar
  3. Interactive Session – show and do live video

Imagine Training offers employees the option for online Demand Learning, this is a collection self paced learning with over 450 short, relevant videos. Choose from a library of topics and watch as many times as you want, 24/7.

Trainers could also provide electronic training manuals helping employees to retain what they have learnt and allowing the trainer to interact with them in the session, ask questions, as well as watching the screen on your desk instead of the projector screen in your training room.

Helping colleagues support your business in the months ahead by being well trained and motivated to keep your business moving forward. It is the perfect addition to anyone’s learning budget.

For more training options see how our Training Associates could help your business.