For most people this current period will be the first in which they have had to work from home, being used to the office environment, working from home can be a struggle from some.


Remember the time you used to moan about getting up and going to work, wishing your company had flexible working? Now everyone is working from home we’re all asking why we wanted this so much.


Most employees now working from home cannot wait to get back into the office but in the meantime let’s make a bad situation into a good one, by throwing a bit of motivation into the mix.


If your home office consists of you sitting in bed with a laptop on your lap for 5+ hours your motivation levels are destining to be pretty low. So here are a few things to help you as in today’s blog we discuss six ways that you can keep motivated whilst working from home.


  1. Get out of bed and get dressed

It’s important to wake yourself up and get prepared for the day ahead that means an early start, continuing your work regime. Don’t forget to get dressed ready to conquer your day and become more productive. Also making you feel less groggy.


  1. Make a plan and set some goals

Most people plan whilst at work so what’s the difference now you’re at home? Planning your day allows you to set out your goals and get things crossed off that long list you keep putting to one side. It’s also a great time to write down your future goals and things you want to achieve so that once the pandemic is over you can go full steam ahead and work towards them.



  1. Take breaks

Don’t just sit at your desktop for 8 hours or how many hours you’re going to be working, you’ll overwork your engine and potentially get square eyes. So remember to keep taking regular breaks, coffee breaks, toilet breaks, paint with the kids or have a chat with your partner, just remember to have some fun and step away from your desktop.


  1. Regular team meetings, communicate

Communication is key! It’s also a way of keeping sane and a small form of normality in a time of isolation and limited communication. So make sure your scheduling those weekly meetings and checking up on your employee’s wellbeing and job progress.


  1. Exercise

Exercise gives us endorphins, which makes us happy. Whether you decide on a stroll, run or to participate Joe Wicks live workout grab your sports gear and go for it.


  1. Do something new

This is a great time for you to work on yourself and put your time into learning something new. There are many FREE resources online and training options for you to pick from. Make this time count more than ever and invest in yourself.



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